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Welcome! Thank you for visiting this site, an exciting step in your healing. Megan is a well-rounded healer with a focus on love. Whether healing with words and meditations in her writing, healing your spaces one at a time with Feng Shui, or healing you personally with in depth energy work, a happier, healthier world is her purpose. Megan works towards divine connection, oneness, and expansion, and welcomes any questions or needs.

Megan Loose is a certified psychic and clairvoyant reader, energy healer, and Feng Shui consultant who heals herself and others with a focus on love. Learning from the Berkeley Psychic Institute tradition, her master teacher from the Shaolin temple, and other guides of wisdom, Megan has spiritual connections in numerous avenues, and as a born empath she writes with unique perspective. She is a meditation instructor, spiritual teacher and student, turning to personal development thirty-six years ago. As a mother of magical daughters, and wife to her eternal soul mate, love and writing come together as the forefront of her life purpose.

Book - Living a life of Unconditional Love

Living a Life of Unconditional Love brings freshness to today’s seekers. With cutting edge new energy tools it teaches how to clear, change, and own our space. This easy to read book will connect humans together, and expand hearts toward the finest vibration of light. Get to know this warm new author, and take a journey of meaningful transformation.



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This is one of those special books that will affect you the minute you start reading it. You cannot help but feel good while reading the inspiring words. It is a book about true love and you will feel it right away. It is a book to dip into often so that feeling will come back. It is a meditation in itself and a tonic for the soul. Everyone should read it and help make the world a little better. Thank you.

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I am fulfilled

When I am connected with Divinity.

I am satisfied in nature.

I feel free when I take a moment,

And loved

In every breath of awareness.

I am light,

Able to spread upon the universe.

And when I have peace,

I manifest dreams.

I embrace the truth and present.

I follow right action,


My life opens with acceptance.

My purposes are given generously.

With new faith, Love is everywhere.

Patiently waiting to walk with my soul.

In all this revealed

Is unconditional love.

Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui - the ways in which energy flows, and its changing qualities, was codified during the Han dynasty, around 206 bce, as mystics and scholars were gathered from around the globe, beckoned by the king attempting to quantify its magic for himself. This system of recognizing, flowing, harmonizing, and tending energy, chi, or life force was bestowed to the Chinese from a princess of India, as her dowry. This quantifying of such wisdoms, as shown in the comprehensive discussions of the white tiger hall (or Po Hu T'ung) came to be known as the I Ching. The I Ching contains the basis of Feng Shui, a divine gift of how everything in our world functions. And knowing as skilled architects of these mysteries that we can can affect said energies brings me, a certified practitioner to your doorstep, potentially changing your life forever.


Aren't the ramifications of that fascinating!

The limitless positive effects Feng Shui holds is awesome.




Healing Services

Our chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel”) are energy centers within our bodies that hold libraries of information from all our lifetimes and experiences that are then carried within our souls. All encounters and incidents (if integrated) are currency for the soul, and all experiences affect our energy centers, leaving imprints upon our spirit as well as present body.


These active and dynamic spheres of our experiences range from information on our body’s survival, emotions and creativity, power and will, to our pictures of ourselves, our capacity to love, express, create, see spiritually, utilize insights, and understand or know consciousness and divine unity. The main seven chakras run from the first chakra at the base of the tailbone, upward along the spine, through the belly, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye, to our crown or halo chakra. We can also affect great streams of energy flowing through our hand and feet chakras. Although we have many points of energy, these are the main centers we usually work with and are common to any chakra balancing or practice.




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