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Living a Life of Unconditional Love brings freshness to today’s seekers. With cutting edge new energy tools it teaches how to clear, change, and own our space. This easy to read book will connect humans together, and expand hearts toward the finest vibration of light. Get to know this warm new author, and take a journey of meaningful transformation.

Living a Life of Unconditional Love awakens practical steps to evolve and harmonize our mind, body, and spirit connection from a heartfelt perspective. Live through the consciousness and magic of Unconditional Love. Opening to all forms of love; with life observation, valuable new energy tools, and avenues in spiritual reaching, each can enrich their journeys to achieve unconditional love; the outer gift of inner fulfillment. This book shines on all ways to interpret as well as expand, manifest, and have love. Transcend with special and personal experiences guided from nature, angels, meditation, healing, and moving energy.


 In this book we explore the different faces of love, and how everything is going toward or away from it; an expression of love or its absence. We navigate all forms of relationships, patterns, programming, and development - unconditional or otherwise. Enhance wakefulness with perspective, and free the void, healing with acute consciousness and the abundance

flowing around us. We learn to set the vibration of unconditional love with every action, within each space, and we are finally the waterfall of love from which others can drink when in our presence. With ease and understanding through these pages, comes a hopeful and happier better humankind.

This book begins by touching on all aspects of love. Many of love’s lower forms are all too familiar to us, and we will travel briefly through these in order to reveal comparison to that of its truest and best form; unconditional love. We begin together to identify love in all its varieties and disguises, both beautiful and profane, so we can learn and grow towards the perfection of the love that brought us here, and to which our lives are spent searching to be brought back to, consciously or unconsciously. Part one speaks to this search for getting real and abiding love, and for recognizing it as it arrives.


 In all our relationships and activities, it is this source of being loved for who we are, no matter what, that we reach to embrace. This is the underlying feeling within our cores that we are striving towards throughout human life. We want to feel loved. Some of us may be desperately seeking love, and in this process attract situations and relationships that leave us emotionally scarred or spiritually wounded. This can occur in any type of love or growth regarding friendships, family, romantic, and other natures of connections as well. We come to know in this first section what living a life of unconditional love looks like, and how we can heal its opposite through loving ourselves, forgiving, learning through joy over pain, and letting others go who are not for our highest love.

 Growing unconditional love becomes tangible as this work continues in part two with active meditation and energy principles for our everyday life. Learning the power of our focus and perspective leads to the heart of expanding love. This part invites you to cultivate love’s presence through observation, nature, manifesting, and practical techniques, and eventually, by working through this this book you will see and feel unconditional love everywhere.

 Part three invites us to keep the love we have funded up to this point so we can always have it. We learn how to keep our unconditional love through loss, distraction, and with healing. A level of havingness enters as we awaken to our ability to hold on to what we desire in a healthy way, which includes treating well our bodies. If we cannot completely have something we will indeed limit its capacity. As one of the main four goals of this book sustaining love’s presence in our lives is important to the next piece of sharing it.


 I have dedicated the entire fourth part of this book to helpful methods, systems, and regular routines toward ensuring we are living and sharing a life of unconditional love. These are common actions, thought processes, and practices that have

profoundly changed life experiences for the masses, and have personally increased my ability to love without condition. We instill love in our days with the simplicity of reachable tools like sunlight, water, surrender, breathing, and nature.  Our world is in a divinely true universe. We may not understand how our actions can penetrate the life of another until it is too late, so it is best to be cautious and caring with each other’s souls, even if we choose not to share our lives with them. One gift of unconditional love can save a life. Each moment we consciously choose to ignite goodness makes a difference to the energy we all share. You never know how your actions might be changing someone else or the future. So act with unconditional love every chance you get.


 Through this book feeling love will become a familiar experience. When we choose love in our presence it is as if our heart is a beautiful castle, and the password is “open with unconditional love.” As we notice and gauge how our heart space interacts with, consumes, gives, speaks through, and sees through love, we surrender pain, and take our next step. Experiencing a moment of unconditional love feels magnificent, and creating these moments consciously will change your life.

Meditation: Feeling love


* Close your eyes and take some deep breathes.

* Envision what real love might look like to you.

* Feel the feeling of love in your chest

* Does it have a color or picture attached to the feeling

* Allow it to embrace your space.

* Take calm breaths and focus on love for at least one minute.

* Feel love emanating from your heart

* Feel it growing and spreading through your body, and all around you as you breathe.

* Hold this for as long as possible, and come back to it often


 This single wave will expand your energy, and center your trajectory towards love and light. Once you have felt the blessing of unconditional love actually come in to your space with consciousness, you can hold the essence of that feeling up to other interactions, and learn to hold the vibration of love throughout your life.




Voice - 303-838-2420

 Text - 720-445-7460